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  作为具备技术研发、制造、检测、试验能力的阀门制造商,开立基业(北京)阀门制造澳洲幸运20专业从事阀门的生产、研发、销售和服务,贯彻“产品多元化,业务专业化”方针,一直致力于为客户提供全套工业阀门解决方案,产品结构合理,制作工艺精湛、规格齐全、质量可靠,主导产品通过ISO9001 国家质量体系认证。




   As a valve manufacturer with R & D, manufacturing, testing and testing capability, Carrie  Foundation (Beijing)Valve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. specialize in the production, research and development, sales and service of valves, and carry out the policy of "product diversification and business specialization". We have been committed to providing customers with complete industrial valves Solutions, product structure is reasonable, the production of superb, complete specifications, quality and reliable, leading products through the ISO9001 national quality system certification.

  After years of development, we have built a competitive advantage such as industrial synergy, innovation research and development, international cooperation and so on. Owns two independent branches, based in Beijing, the layout of the country, to enter overseas. We adhere to the quality of survival, to the credibility of the concept of development, for many years to enjoy a good brand awareness, reputation and social influence. Application of products throughout the petrochemical, metallurgical and fertilizer, power pharmaceutical, municipal construction, fire heating, water supply and drainage, pollution control and other industries. In the field of water treatment, air pollution control, solid waste treatment and environmental remediation and other fields, in order to build "clear water, blue sky, pure land" of the environmental protection industry building blocks.